3 Apr 2017

The Vegan couple


Morning everyone, again I have another new lifestyle change to talk about with you. Some of you may now that me and my other half recently chosen to live a life that contained no suffering and therefore decided to become Vegan. My other half put forward the motion of maybe creating a blog devoted to all the Vegan places we go in both England and when we travel. I adore this idea, but as someone with a blog already and a Youtube channel I feel I may not have the time and will end up neglecting a platform In the process. So I'm thinking of a different way around it. I total understand not everyone is Vegan here, nore do the plan to be, but maybe once every 2-4 weeks having my other half write a guest post on a food place we have been to and giving a little review. I would put this section into a little tab that would be on the home page but also easily accessible to those who want to read up on such things. This way I feel we won't compromise our personal work, but still have the opportunity to discuss something we love.

I hope this is something people would enjoy reading, vegan or not sometimes its just nice to try different places to eat. Please let me know what you think.

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