12 Apr 2017

Decluttering shoes


Following the positive response I had after I discussed my approach towards Minimalism I decided that I would take you along with me as I decluttered some categorises using the Kon-Mari method. I have been working through it alone so I will just select out ones here and there.  I  personally have found it to be a simple, yet effective method of minimising the amount of items I own. 
Today we are tackling shoes, which if I'm honest, is not a category that I have been looking forward to. I'm a huge lover of shoes, always have been. I last counted around 57 pairs before I moved to Norwich. 57, how anyone would ever have the time to wear all of them I have no idea, yet I still insisted on dragging them all 4 hours across England to my new home at the time. Saying this, I know I definitely downsized my collection before I took the 4 hour journey back to Gloucester December 2015, but I'm also aware that my other half was a Manager for the shoe company Schuh for 3 years, so this has had an effect on the amount of shoes I own once again. 


Please note exhibit A, the pile. I pulled every shoe I have ever owned and lined them in subcategories on the floor to showcase my shame at the amount I own. I decided to recount the amount I owned and has horrified that we where now up to 53. Things I have noticed whilst looking at my shoes are as follows: There is a lot of leather and that hurts my heart now that I've converted to Vegan. I have a lot of heals for someone who hardly ever wears them anymore. Finally I like trainers, but I do also wear the 80% of the time. Now we have to start the purge.

The maybe pile (kept 2 pairs)


Turns out even when I only wear heels once/twice a month I'm still having a hard job letting go. I few pairs held some memories that I really shouldn't still be carrying around with me, but to just give away good shoes that I like was not easy. The truth is, he's make me feel more womanly and they really shouldn't. I have my 'go to' heels and then the rest don't even go with any outfits I own anymore. Another thing I noticed was I had a lot of unworn shoes and shoes I'd only worn once because they hurt or didn't again go with any of my outfits. I tend to every now and then buy a nice smart shoe only to realise I NEVER dress smart.


I didn't really let go of any trainers, two only have one years life left in them so I just don't plan on repurchasing any more for the next few years unless my Vegan Vans give up as they are my go to and they other are a bit more colourful. Heels was a success, it hurt my heart but I now only have 3 pairs (nude,black and brown) and when my browns give out I probably won't need to replace them. I failed horribly at boots though, I did part with a few but I definitely will need another go on them when it comes to winter again and flat shoes all where trashed so I only kept the ones that looked reasonable. All in all I went from 53 to 29. Only downsizing 24 pairs wasn't really as good as I'd like, but I knew shoes was a tough one for me. Some of my shoes are 9 years old and still in great condition because of how much love I've poured into looking after them during and after wear.

Hopefully next time I do it I can reduce it to around 15, but for today I'm waving the white flag.

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